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Wednesday, 23 May 2007

COMESA or SADC? Revisted

COMESA have now comfirmed the intention to press on with the Customs Union in 2008. I reported previously that Zambia faces a choice between SADC and COMESA.



  2. It’s a strange agreement and one that is unclear it leaves a lot of things. SADC and COMESA have there respective steps towards monetary union. I assume those have to be scrapped? It strikes me this deal is aimed at resolving the WTO problem that you cannot belong to two trading blocs. In that sense it’s a purely political settlement.

    Hence the puzzle at this statement : “Analysts say the agreement will help intra-regional trade and boost growth.” Government paid analysts :)
    Trade probably, growth am less confident. It depends on the counterfactual.

    See my blog on this :


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