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Tuesday, 12 June 2007

IMF-Zambia Watch, 2nd Edition

Saturday's IMF Press Release on Zambia blogged here, refers to Zambia's Letter of Intent to the IMF. You can find this here. My thanks to Gershom for bringing this to my attention.


  1. Table 2 in the report indicates that the GRZ completed a, "diagnostic review of tax policy and administration," in Dec 2006. Does anyone know if that is available somewhere?

  2. there is also the zambian government's letter of intent to the i.m.f which i thought i forwarded this morning, cho. maybe i should forward it again.

  3. here's the link to the zambian government's letter of intent to the i.m.f

  4. Gershom,

    Yes I have uploaded that (see second link above). Thanks.


    I think that possibly underpinned the Budget 2007 recommendations. I will try and find out.

    I hope you didn't miss the reference to "Iraq" on para 27! lol! We actually owed Saddam some money? Is there anyone we didn't own money? We were really mismanaged. Without doubt.

    Incidentally para 25 is committing to zero tariff within the SADC framework by 2009. No mention of any comesa initiatives. Sounds like the future is very much SADC.


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