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Friday, 10 August 2007

Wireless villages?

Highway Africa News Agency (HANA) has a fascinating article on a Zambian youth led charity that has taken the initiative and plans to take wireless to Mazabuka . Full article can be accessed here. (after a short free registration). A small extract below. I particularly like the drive to provide free ICT training :

“The project aims to implement a modern telecentre with an innovative communication infrastructure using Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) and wireless connectivity,” Mulenga explained. He pointed out that the telecentre will help the communities to benefit from the ICT revolution by accessing information that is of specific relevance to their daily lives for their overall development process.

“We would want to contribute to the development of ICTs and as a leading example of best practices in helping to address the digital divide,” Mulenga explained. The WDVP will implement a modern telecentre in Mazabuka and this will provide a platform for the delivery of local content, government and private sector information services as well as tele-health and education applications.
One of the objectives is to work with local the local community so that they develop human capacity to manage and maintain ICTequipment.

“We want to engage the locals to develop human capacity to use ICTs for their development and also build the presence of existing radio stations and linkages with church activities in order to fully leverage the potential of the technologies and existing human resources thus helping to ensure sustainability,” Mulenga explained. He further pointed out that the project is expected to facilitate the local communities in order to provide viable alternatives for the youth to seek employment within their rural towns.“There is need to improve access to jobs in marginal communities so that we reduce the levels of helplessness and dependence on the state utilities, and be proactive in developing alternative communication systems for economic growth,” said Mulenga.

He however said to run a modern telecentre effectively skills such as business support, content creation and technical support were required from qualified locals so that they train others on how to use the facilities. Mulenga further said that the telecentre will provide free ICT training on different ICT skills so as to give a chance to the less privileged in the small town.

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