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Sunday, 9 September 2007

Celebrating Searchers! (Amon Simutowe)

Searchers are Zambians who are making a difference on the ground, and are not waiting for the Government to act. By this definition, Amon Simutowe qualifies as our latest searcher for becoming the first sub-Saharan Chess Grandmaster. Okay I am being a little biased here (being a chess enthusiast myself), but I think in so far as Amon's achievements give plenty of encouragement to others to take up the ancient game and puts Zambia on the map for something positive, we must applaud him. You can read more about Amon's achievements at Chess Base and if you have the Fritz 10 database, you should find one or two games in there by him. Gershom Ndlovu has also done an interesting piece on Chess, A game many Zambians misunderstand.

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