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Sunday, 2 September 2007

The challenges of isolated settlements

Zambia's latest blogger Kashikulu has a fascinating blog on the challenges of isolated settlements:

Now, more than 80% of the Zambian population lives, in or near urban cities. Why then do some still choose to live in areas that are too remote - cut off from easy reach of public service infrastructure, that in some cases, areas that can no longer sustain safe human habitation. Resettling people from some of these areas that are too remote, to other safe and available locations closer to public infrastructure would make it easier for government to provide basic services and emergency interventions when needed.
This is a very important topic, which I am reliably told KK considered at some length when he started grouping villages together. One of the things that constantly strikes me when I travel to my village in Luapula is how sparsely populated the areas are. Its certainly does make the delivery of services that much more challenging. Also I wonder how parliamentarians cope!Perhaps ICT is the way forward? Information technologies help improve connectedness and offers the potential for a much more focused delivery of social services. More investment in ICT could diminish the case for physical resettlement.


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  1. I think Zambia and Africa can really benefit from ICT. This creates possibilities that simply didn't exist before, like long distancelearning.

    I could easily see how kids could have classes by monitor/computer. If surgeons can do it, so can teachers.

    What it would take, is satellite internet coverage, and at least one teacher/assistent at the location itself.

  2. MrK,


    But as our resident 'Kaunda historian', what is your view on the KK drive during his era to bring villages together?


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