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Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Keeping Government in check?

The Post Newspaper apparently will now include a bi-monthly supplement which will track the progress of private sector development in Zambia, as a way of holding Government to account. The Post hopes to regularly publish indicators that measure government performance over time.

A weekly radio and TV program is planned in due course.

Not sure whether it is available on the Post website, but you can sample the first issue here.


  1. This is move by the Post, will certainly enhance accountability and transparency in Government business. I wish though the Post, would also focus such intense critique during the anual budget formulation and adoption process in parliament. This would ensure the right goals and expectations are set from the begining. Tracking inadequate maybe shoddy goals that have already been approved by parliament does not serve the best interest of Zambians. They deserve the full and highest possible benefit of every ngwee the Government spends.

  2. Yes the move is good.

    Would be good to see the Daily Mail and The Times of Zambia do similar things.

    The Times of Zambia is probably the best paper in terms of good analysis of issues that matter. Something like this they can easily do. Of course there remains questions about credibility.

    Of course the Post also suffers from credibility issues.


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