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Friday, 7 September 2007

Learning from mistakes, 3rd Edition

Further evidence that the Government may be learning from mistakes. Mining Minister Kalambo Mwansa has now clarified the Government's approach to the oil, gas and minerals issues:

“At the moment, we are doing the right things first before we can start exploiting this resource. What we are doing first is to look at legislation that is available in terms of this resource and updating this legislation,” he said.

Thereafter, the country would also examine the legal and institutional mechanism and base it on international practices and experience.“But I am happy to say that tender documents are being prepared and we hope that we will be able to invite applications for companies to do further exploration work to determine the depth of the material and the size of the wells,” he said.

Mwansa said that there was room for greater minerals discovery in Zambia because only 55% of the country had been geologically mapped and 45% of the country had still to be surveyed. The ministry was carrying out further exploration in areas of further potential where there was potential for large-scale mining based on the initial finding reported. ‘My ministry has also despatched a team to the western and eastern parts of Zambia to assess the presence of oil and gas in those two areas,” he said.

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