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Saturday, 29 September 2007

Quote of the week (Post Editorial)

With its [MMD] in-built majority in the NCC, it will be able to write a constitution for this country unfettered by the input of others. In this way, the next constitution of this country will be an MMD constitution, not a Zambian constitution. If anyone wants to deceive himself that Levy will come up with a constitution that will endure the test of time they are cheating themselves. What is being set is a precedent that those with the parliamentary majority and are in control of government will in future also be able to do the same; to come up with a constitution of their own in a similar way. It is not malice to say that the MMD has an in-built majority in NCC. This is something that can easily be proved arithmetically or mathematically.
The Post Editiorial (28/09/2007)
The Post clearly frustrated by the current approach to the NCC. Interestingly, the editorial rightly notes that any party in the future with sufficient majority could alter any new proposed constitution. But in doing so, the editorial ignores the central point which, to be fair, it has noted in the past. It is not the question of setting the 'wrong precedent' that worries people, its actually the opposite. The current party of Government may alter the constitution beyond repair. An MMD driven constitution could quite easily ensure that MMD remains in party forever! As a party in Government the MMD has little incentive to change the status quo, hence the need for fair and balanced representation across the nation including Zambians abroad. But assuming a fair and balanced representation was difficult to achieve, the hope may lie on certain groups within the NCC whose personal incentives may drive them to an outcome that is actually optimal for the nation as a whole.

Question : who do you think might possess these 'personal' incentives that may help deliver an 'ideal constitution' for the Zambian people? And why?

Update : A copy of the much debated National Constitutition Conference Act 2007. Among the representatives should be "two representatives of traditional healers" - Part 2(II)4(i)e. Crucially, no representation from any Zambian organisation abroad.

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