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Tuesday, 25 September 2007

A uranium mine at North Kariba by 2010?

Canadian uranium producer Denison has plans to develop a new uranium mine around the Zambezi valley, just north of Lake Kariba. Apparently the fact that there might be environmental concerns and that Zambia at this stage has no specific permitting legislation covering uranium mining (still in draft) is no stumbling block to the might of Denison.

“Both the communities and the government have been extremely supportive although they have stressed that we must ‘do it right.....They have raised questions on aspects such as the tailings dams and the handling of waste from the mine. That’s where I think Denison has an advantage over OmegaCorp as the owner/operator because we can point to our existing operations in Canada and the United States where we have had no violations over a 25-year period......The Minister of Mines has told us he will do his best to get this mine into operation by 2010.”
The Kariba project, if approved (or is it 'when approved'?), would coincide with the Gwabe uranium project. Separately Lumwana is so excited by the uranium it has found that a dedicated uranium processing plant is in the offing. No doubt there's more to come in this area. Perhaps the The Times reporter was correct in his assertion that supremacy does really beckon for Zambia - or is for investors in Zambia? The answer must wait for the new legislation by the end of the year.

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  1. If it can help a lot of people and different industries, then they should continue that project. The thing is, the environment should be maintained.

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