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Sunday, 21 October 2007

Mung'omba Draft Constitution - Blog Specials

Zambia is geering up for the National Constitutional Conference that will decide the future of our nation for some time to come - assuming all the players can reconcile their differences! As you know Zambians abroad cannot take part and are not even recognised by the National Constitutition Conference Act 2007. However, we can all voice our opinion and hopefully help shape the debate from the sidelines. In the coming weeks I plan to do short blogs on the Mung'omba Draft Constitution . To discuss elements of it from presidential succession to ministerial proposals to economic rights etc.

Any Guest Bloggers who want to write a piece related to the Mungomba Draft Constitution can forward the articles - and these will be uploaded. From what I am reading from the Press many elements of the Mungomba Draft Constitution will be adopted e.g. 50% + 1, presidential running mates , political funding, etc. We shall discuss these and many other aspects in the weeks to come. So if you have not read the draft, time to start now!

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