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Saturday, 13 October 2007

Quote of the week (LPM)

"NCC is now law. This law is now embodied, for those who did not know, in the NCC Act. I want those who are daring government to know... those who are still doubting that this is not the law and those who want to fight government and make governance impossible, that they are committing treason......I have come back a changed person. Let me hear no more nonsense bordering on malice, they are going to be arrested and charged with treason and bail is not available to treason."

- President Levy Mwanawasa [ The Post 10/10/2007]

This week's quote is self explanatory, but in reflecting on this quote its worth revisitng a related blog on Zambia's Governance index for 2007. That blog shows that President Mwanawasa has not made progress in terms of giving people a "greater voice" and being accountable to the nation. Things have actually got worse. I doubt that threatening behaviour will do much to improve that area of the index. People need to be encouraged to think and challenge Government's actions not fearing for their freedom.

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