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Saturday, 20 October 2007

Quote of the week (The Post)

Just before President Mwanawasa arrived, some MMD members grabbed a banner which had a message congratulating President Mwanawasa for his doctorate and appointing a 'hard working Chibombamilimo'. The message seemingly did not please some senior members who grabbed it, folded it leaving only one where President Mwanawasa was being praised.

Immediately, President Mwanawasa's plane touched down, Sikasote raised his MMD sign higher than Chibombamilimo and almost getting to the plane's wings. When President Mwanawasa came out, Sikasote was the first on the line of dignitaries instead of Chibombamilimo. But President Mwanawasa, apparently having been told what was happening on the ground by intelligence officers, went straight to greet Chibombamilimo before greeting Sikasote. Sikasote was the closest to President Mwanawasa and led him to the podium with Chibombamilimo trailing behind.

The Post (20/10/2007)

Political activism is alive and kicking! Sikasote [MMD Provincial Chairman] and Chibombamilimo [Provincial Minister] show how it is done as they jostle for positions, literally! Read the full article here.

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