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Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Celebrating Searchers! (Thandiwe Chama)

Searchers are Zambians who are making a difference on the ground, and are not waiting for the Government to act. By this definition, 16 year old girl Thandiwe Chama of Lusaka's Chawama township, must count as our latest searcher for winning the 2007 International Children's Peace Price beating 28 other nominees from across the world. The Children's Peace Price is an initiative from KidsRights, an organisation advocating Children's Rights and providing individual support.

Photo: Jo‘l van HoudtWhen she was eight years old, her school was closed down because there were no teachers left. She refused to accept this and took the lead in walking to find another school, demanding her right for education and bringing with her the 60 other children of her school. After that, she has worked with government officials to provide for new school buildings. Taking action on behalf of children with HIV/Aids and calling upon others to do their share is one of her great drives in daily life. She gets the community involved to provide fruits to sick children in the nearby hospital. She advises children and parents on testing for HIV, and has even taken children herself to do the test. With a friend, she wrote and illustrated a booklet called “The Chicken with Aids”, telling young children about the perils of Aids.

“It’s so important to know that also a child has rights. At school I learned about rights. And I knew then that this was something I wanted to fight for. Because if children are given an opportunity, they for sure can contribute in making this world a better place.”
Thandiwe Chama


  1. Very exemplary attitude! This girl is a winner and should be supported by all who can.

  2. I don't understand the statue she received. That looks like Sisyphus pushing a boulder up a mountain. But according to the legend it just roled down again and he was cursed to keep pushing it up forever...

    That's not very optomistic.

    Still, the girl's story is really great. Congratulations.

  3. the statue is an image of a child moving the world, making changes

  4. what you did was amazing. i am only 13 and i to have developed a strong passion to help the world and i know how hard it can be to accomplish something this huge. Congratulations i hope that you have the strength to proceed with your doings and be an advocate to the children of the world

  5. Anonymous,

    We shall be behind you as you seek to pursue your goals.

    One must never give up, no matter how hard!


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