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Thursday, 13 December 2007

Important Zambian Websites

Good analytical websites focused on Zambia are few and far between. Perhaps a testament to the bankruptcy of Zambian ideas. If Zambia is develop, we need more research organisations (and think tanks) which are focused on embedding rigorous analytical approaches to underpin policy development and decision making.

Among this rare breed are two key websites which are certainly worth checking out. First, Zambia Food Security Research Project which has many interesting working papers, policy briefs and powepoints from all the applied policy analysis and outreach work they do with different Zambian organisations. For example, you can check out their most recent policy brief on Security of Widow's Access to Land in the Era of HIV/AIDS: Panel Survey Evidence from Zambia . The paper on Fertilizer Promotion in Zambia: Learning from Regional Experience, and Strategies to Raise Smallholder Productivity is also quite interesting.

Another important website is the FANRPAN Zambia , which publishes some fascinating papers from researchers and civil society. For example, you can check out the recently uploaded "New Agriculture" and Implications for information development and diffusion: Perspectives from Zambia. Particularly fascinating are the two reports on HIV/AIDs and agriculture - Impact of HIV/AIDS-related deaths on rural farm households' welfare in Zambia: implications for poverty reduction strategies; and 2007 Zambia Human Development Report: Enhancing household capacity to respond to HIV and AIDS.

If you know of other important Zambian websites in the same vein, do let me know so that we can add them to the New Zambia rotation.

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