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Saturday, 8 December 2007

Quote of the week (George Kalenga)

“I have observed for quite sometime now that the phenomenon of employing relations in this council, especially those falling in the category of ‘casual’ is on the increase….This sort of scenario is to a greater extent contributing to the poor performance by the said category of employees who are supposed to carry out specific duties because of our personal attachment to them”

George Kalenga (The Post 8/12/2007)

Livingstone town clerk George Kalenga warning against employing relatives in the local authority, in a letter to all heads of departments at the council. In some respect, nepotism is probably worse than corruption because it tends to combine misallocation of resources with discrimination against capable individuals, in favour of less compent family or tribal relations. Unfortunately, its ‘quiet’ nature also makes it much more challenging to tackle.

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