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Sunday, 30 March 2008

Insights from Chiefs (Chief Chisunka)

Chief Chisunka of the Luapula Royal Foundation has some important revelations on how corruption by local court clerks is damaging the quest for justice in Luapula :

“They [court clerks] are in the habit of ‘eating’ clients’ money. When one brings money to court after being charged, the officers get it. When an inquiry is made, they run away. The provincial local courts office was recovering money through a salary from one of the clerks... They have run away from the centres due to debts from the clients. Others have run away with millions of kwacha. It’s like they were born from one parent....Its too much. There are a lot of cases that are pending due to lack of court clerks. We want justice minister George Kunda so that he can hear for himself what the people have to say......We have been submitting this report to the provincial local courts officer but nothing has been done. I even wrote to the Permanent Secretary at the provincial administration office in Mansa on 23 March 2007 over the same matter but no change has taken place.."

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