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Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Not bad at all...

Having slated the Zambia Competition Commission in the past for being institutionally weak, its good to see ZCC wielding the little powers it has wisely.

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  1. Much as I dislike monopolies, I disagree with the ZCC's involvement in issues of shareholding. What does it matter whether a company has a single shareholder or two or several? The competition we want is not between shareholders but between market players. Whether BP is sole owner of the Zamibia's only jet fuel supplier, or whether the supplier is jointly owned by BP and Mobil,is immaterial. The supplier is still a monopoly. One can even argue that it is more dangerous if jointly owned by BP and Mobil, because then there is no possibility that Mobil will come in as a competitor. Equally, it is silly to object to Vedanta owning a majority of KCM shares. The competition we need is between companies, not within companies


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