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Friday, 28 March 2008

Zambia Statistics - March 2008

The CSO March Edition can be found here. Inflation has continued an upward trend with the inflation rate for March recorded at 9.8 per cent. The February inflation rate represents a 0.3 per cent increase compared to February's 9.3 per cent, largely driven by the increase in the cost of increase in the cost of non-food products. As always, the CSO continue to provide interesting briefings on various aspects of the economy. Three pieces of info caught my eye (click images for clarity):

Access to safe water: Surprising to see my home province top this chart, with so much water in the province. This seems to suggest that government bizarrely struggles to ensure safe water in provinces where there's plenty of water!

Informal employment: The data appears to confirm that Zambia's largest informal sector is in agriculture. Measures to tackle informality need to bear this in mind.
Meals per day: Was intrigued by the high scores of northern and southern provinces in the "2 meals a day category". Is this further evidence that it is better to be a farmer than a fisherman?

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