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Friday, 25 April 2008

ZCC on Gateway Liberalisation

Thura Kaira, the Zambia Competition Commission Director has weighed in on international gateway access issue. Among the comments attributed to him, includes the view that "the US$12 million licence fee for the international gateway was commensurate with reasonable international standards". Seems pointless to me what the international standards are. What Mr Kaira should focus on is on whether this is a barrier to competition in the Zambian market. Also I am not sure what he means by "reasonable international standards". Which country is he comparing Zambia with? In Kenya, the license cost is $214,000, while in Uganda it is pegged at $50,000.


  1. Business as usual with our mentally myopic ZCC. To them, the international gateway is simply a cash cow.

  2. The problems appear to do with the relative weak powers of the ZCC in general. See a previous blog here
    , where ZCC appear to plead for help!


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