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Wednesday, 21 May 2008

FRA woes...

On the Securing our food..., I noted that more needed to be done in reforming existing institutions such as the Food Reserve Agency (FRA), epecially in relation to how it deals with small scale farmers. It appears the government has now began to recognise that FRA is currently not fit for purpose. Unfortunately, the President's speech did not outline concrete proposals aside from calling for FRA to expand their operations. It strikes me that if the problem is FRA inefficiency then expanding their operations would simply compound their problems. I am not entirely surprised. In Zambia we love calling for inefficient suppliers to expand operations. The list is endless...ZESCO, ZAMTEL, NACL etc. Our answer has always been more expansion of operations as a solution to their intrinsic inefficiency. In real life of course, you can never ask a junior staff who is underperfoming to have more responsibility.

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