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Thursday, 1 May 2008

The quest to become SADC's transport hub...

Mozambique is in a hurry to develop, and central to the strategy is significant investment in its port capacity through issuing international tenders for concessions. The latest plan is a $900 million upgrade of the Nacala and Beira ports and associated surface access infrastructure. It has its eyes on landlocked neighbours Zimbabwe, Malawi and Zambia as key customers.


  1. If any country should be come a transport and logistics hub, it would be Zambia.

    It is equidistant from the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, and links Southern Africa with Central Africa.

    For once, being landlocked should be an advantage.

  2. That's not exactly how transportation hubs work, brother.

    Sure, if there was a lot of trade between Angola and Tanzania, it would make sense for a hub to be in between, but as it is, the trade is outward, so the hubs are ports from and to which good are dispatched.

    And the link to Central Africa is weak. Katanga is literally part of the Southern African area from a transportation perspective and is not linked to the rest of country. Similar gaps exist in Angola, Tanzania, CAR, Congo-Brazzaville, Gabon, Sudan.

  3. Random,

    Bube, I am not talking about today, I am talking about 20-30 years from now.

    First, we need to build agriculture, the mining sector and manufacturing.

  4. What does Bube mean ? (just curious)

    Yeah in the far future, it would make sense. If the infrastructure is built and if well, DRC doesn't do it first (very unlikely, I know).

  5. I think it's Jiddish for 'council'. :) Brother/Bube.

    Just kidding. Playing with words.

    The way I see Zambia can develop, is first through agriculture. From agriculture, manufacturing can spring up.

    After that, logistics and transportation for the region would be possible because of the central location.

  6. "SOUTH African dairy and food processing giant, Clover group will invest US$520,000 in the initial phase of its entry into Zambia, which would see the country transformed into a processing and distribution hub for the southern half of sub-Saharan Africa."


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