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Saturday, 31 May 2008

Quote of the week (Hakainde Hichilema)

"I was very alarmed to hear President Mwanawasa say that his government will not increase allowances that our students are requesting. This is total irresponsibility of the highest standard. We have been calling for proper funding to our two universities and unless this is done, students' unrest will not be stopped. Right now President Mwanawasa is spending more money for his trip to Japan than what is requested by the students. Why can't he prioritise education in the country?"

Hakainde Hichilema (The Post)

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema reacting to the shooting of two University of Zambia students over the meal allowance protest, in the process questioning the value for money of Presidential foreign trips relative to other expenditure. I tend to agree with him that some of the Presidential activities have benefit cost ratios below 1. Unfortunately it all bit late now given than Presidential trips expenditure are part of the overall national budget. A 2008 Budget approved byMPs, including Mr Hichilema's own MPs. I don't ever recall this being raised when the Budget was being debated. The President appears to have been given a pot of money and he is simply spending it accordingly.


  1. I agree with HH when he says that Levy has 'failed' in the education sector and that he needs to do more for the 2 (3) public universities that we have.If the Govt can not handle the 2 universities so how are they going to handle the whole situation when students from newly opened Mulungushi university star rioting?I bet there will be no vehicles crossing from Kapiri to Kabwe.Let Levy do something about the problems that the higher institutiona are facing.But again no Past President done well in this sector so I do not foresee any improvement in the near future.I think the ministers have failed the President and the whole country at large.They need to resign and save the tax payers.


  2. I think the new Mulungushi won't face these problems. Isn't it being partially funded by Kansanshi?


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