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Thursday, 8 May 2008

Wasting away ?

A serious sanitation problem which has attracted little attention from the media and policymakers. Excerpt:

In Zambian cities, most of the unplanned settlement areas have pit latrines, where human waste mixes with floodwaters. Febby Mbewe is a resident of Kanyama, a Lusaka township where buildings are straw shacks and latrines are pits. She says, “There is too much water [in township] toilets. Roads have submerged in the floodwaters. Every time it rains the water level rises. Now it has gone up over knee-level. Because of that the houses, toilets [pit-latrine] and roads are all flooded.”.......The Water and Sanitation Council of Zambia acknowledges the problem. Osward Chanda is a coordinator of the council, “We need a policy change in the sanitation sector because people are building structures anywhere without proper sanitation facilities. So who’s responsible for where they are disposing the human waste? We need to police the sector properly; by this I mean having someone responsible to oversee the sector development. “

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