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Sunday, 22 June 2008

End of a charade...


  1. Doesnt' it bother anyone that they do not mention any sources, and that they give free speech to Tsvangirai, but not the actual government?

    'Ooh, he's chasing that guy'. Really?

    I know one thing, and that is if the country is illegally invaded, all of the above are going to look like the good old days.

    The machinery of the state was represented with a couple of tired looking police officers standing guard.

    Britain should stop meddling in Zimbabwe's affairs, and let the Zimbabweans sort their affairs out. Tsvangirai keeps wanting to fall back on the West to bail him out. When they don't, he'll have to reach some kind of compromise with ZANU-PF, which is what politics is all about in the first place.

    The West must abandone all talk of invasion and more sanctions, lift all existing sanctions, and let the Zimbabweans sort their issues out.

    That would truly be 'the end of the charade'.

  2. 'Oh look Beryl, one of them is chasing the other one.'

    She is 'reporting' like she is on safari.

    How does she know they are ZANU-PF supporters?

    'The MDC says...', '86 opposition activists have been killed', etc.

    Apart from the admirable energy of the 'ZANU-PF supporters', the footage seems staged. First, the 2 guys are apparently running after another guy. Then, they are running in parallel to the camera.

    If they were beating up the guy they chased, how come the car was still around, waiting for them? Or did they pose and run along the car first, and then decide to randomly beat someone up?

    Did they stop for an interview? If not, how does she know they support ZANU-PF? How does she know they're not MDC, or settling a gambling debt? They weren't exactly wearing ZANU-PF t-shirts.

    Footage like that an so easily be staged for the convenience of the 'reporters'.


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