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Saturday, 14 June 2008

Quote of the week (Felix Mutati)

“Zambia has the highest frequency of remittance in the southern African region. But in terms of volume, we are fourth. So what that means is that the money that is being remitted is small and only for pocket money, not for capital investments...”

Felix Mutati (The Post)

Minster for Trade and Commerce Felix Mutati combining flawed logic with incorrect statistics. One can certainly think of better measures than comparing volumes e.g. total remittance share of GDP , remittance per head, remittance per migrant, etc. In any case he seems to be using strange numbers. That aside, higher remittance is not always a good sign - just ask the Zimbabweans. Previous blog discussions / data on remittances can be found at the diaspora label.

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  1. Come now there is nothing wrong with Mutati's comment - Raphael


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