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Saturday, 7 June 2008

Quote of the week (Mubika Mubika)

“The speedy implementation of the Yamoussoukro Decision on open skies policy as well as programmes relating to air transport safety, aviation security, strengthening of state oversight in air transport and infrastructure development are very important....It is imperative that we address all bottlenecks within this sector, as our people continue to look to us for social-economic development.....We need to improve our air transport as we have the challenge to host not only the world cup in 2010, CAF cup in Angola and All-Africa games in 2011. All these major events require a sound reliable and cost-effective air transport system in place by then....Other challenges like connectivity delays which ultimately lead to poor service will have to be dealt with.....And the continued uses of hubs outside our region for travel between countries in our sub-region, the high cost of travel in our sub-region compared with global norms all have to be dealt with.”

Mubika Mubika (The Post)

Transport and Communication deputy minister Mubika Mubika speaking to the COMESA Civil Aviation Committee. Atleast someone is listening! The lack of implementation of the Yamoussoukro Decision and the whole issue of liberalising aviation in the region is one of the issue we have been banging on this blog. We have to believe that Mr Mubika will now ensure that Zambia leads by example in this area. Let us liberalise aviation and find ways to make Zambia's jet fuel price more competitive. This post summarise many of the issues we need to focus on and links to other posts on the same subject.

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