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Tuesday, 3 June 2008

A survey of microfinance in Zambia....

A very useful source for microfinance in Zambia. It brings together many studies, some of which we have discussed on this blog, with some key contacts, etc.


  1. I just returned to the states from Ndola where I talked to several business people as well as locals who live in poverty regarding microfinance. It was stunning to hear the horror stories of what they have experienced with microfinance initiatives in their areas. 50% interest due over three months, operations eager to repossess goods. Ridiculous. Thanks for this post, there are a lot of good resources in here.

  2. I take this is Dan and your trip was refreshing!!

  3. I have question. Does anyone know anything about the Living Water Church and their microcredit social business initiatives? If so, what types of information have you heard about their policies?


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