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Monday, 7 July 2008

Beating and persecutions...

Another SADC country with its own dark tales.


  1. Is anyone who is so exercised about Zimbabwe going to pay attention to what happens in Angola?

    Probably not as long as they keep pumping oil. The onslaught against Zimbabwe is not about Robert Mugabe, but all about making an example of a Hugo Chavez type leader in Africa.

    Don't count on any articles about Angola appearing on the BBC, CNN, FT, etc.

  2. this is exactly the reason why dos santos cannot raise his voice high enough against mugabe.

    don't you then agree with me that sadc should close shop?

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  4. Gershom,

    I like you a lot, and I know you do but I just don't think Robert Mugabe should be removed. I think that along the line, there will be some power transfer within ZANU-PF. Nice, smooth, no one gets killed as would be the case with a foreign invasion.

    But the real point to my post is that it the the west which is not going to raise it's voice over Angola, not SADC.

    If Robert Mugabe had just visited the austerity measures of the IMF on his people, we would never hear about Zimbabwe either, no matter what is happening to it's people.

    And that's my point. As long as an African country goes along with the IMF, you are not going to hear about human rights abuses, electoral shenanigans, etc.

    Angola has oil, and they supply it to western companies. So no one is going to object to anything they do in their elections. It certainly isn't going to make the BBC, which should everyone know what the attention to Zimbabwe is all about.

  5. Gersh,

    Perhaps the time has indeed come to close shop.

    But what is the alternative?

    SADC has made progress in terms of transport policy and we are likely to further harmonisation in this area by 2010.

    The work on Energy also has progressed well.

    In short, we are the alternative might be to introduce areas within for example the move towards Free Trade Area should be earned by some countries before they join the SADC Free Trade Area..or a future customs union..

    We need to introduce further economic and political hurdles for deeper integration...that is the more practical approach I think, that retains the advantages but goes on reforming..


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