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Friday, 25 July 2008

Bulking the trend?

Undeterred by the rising jet fuel prices, Zambezi Airlines announced this week that it is acquiring a Boeing 737-300 aircraft, in what it hopes to be a serious attempt to establish itself as a "regional player". Not sure adding one aircraft would do the job, but acquiring the 737-300 gives it some bragging rights, for now, because Zambian Airways fleet has 737-200s.


  1. I hope that the people behind Zambezi airlines only proceeded with this venture after they were turned down by Zambian Airways. My advice to Zambians: If you have money and want to invest in a sector that already has players....please approach them for capital injection that way you will have well capitalised companies with the necessary economies of scale for today's competitive environment.

  2. I would echo that.
    This is definitely the sector would be investors have to look at.


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