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Saturday, 19 July 2008

The case for strong resource economies?

A new study by the HSRC Press, entitled 'Resource Intensity, Knowledge and Development: Insights from Africa and South America' takes a fresh look at resource-strong economies. Focusing on the technological trajectories of firms and research teams in resource-intensive sectors in Brazil, Costa Rica, Peru and South Africa, the study argues that what ultimately contributes to growth is not an abundance (or lack) of natural resources, but what one does with it.

The work was commissioned by the South African Department of Science and Technology (DST) with the aim of contributing to principles that would guide public policy in promoting resource-based technology clusters, and to explore the concept of lateral migration. It forms a part of the DST’s national research and development strategy to leverage know-how in resource-based industries to create new knowledge-based industries.

1 comment:

  1. Yeah I read this paper a while ago..

    "what ones does with it" and "leverage the know-how in ressource-based industries to create ew knowledge-based industries" are not the same thing.

    I think to some extend, industrial policy in places like Africa had a focus on "what ones does with it". There were plans on transformative down-stream industries.. From making jewelry out of gold to aluminium etc..

    However, other part, the know-how of the extraction itself has been largely ignored. And I think at the end of the day, we're back to the story about PEMEX and PETROBAS I often tell. No innovation, no know-how get develloped, basically no ressource-based industry becomes a knowledge-based industry, if the ressource is viewed as a source of revenue.


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