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Friday, 18 July 2008

Chiefs, mining licenses and the Mozambique approach....

The Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) delegation earlier this week called for a new law that would allow traditional rulers to take part in administering mine licences to mining companies.

The fundamental problem is one illustrated by
Chief Chisunka three weeks ago, where people are exploring minerals in areas without full knowledge of local chiefs, and in some cases appear to own "mining rights" for entire provinces! Of course for chiefs this is simply an issue of power struggle, something we will examine in a number of blog specials on traditional leadership.

It's instructive to compare the Zambia situation with the
approach being taken by the Mozambican government. Mozambique has decided to put the map of all mining licences in the provinces where there is substantial mining activity on-line, so that it can be consulted by anyone with internet connection. Such a move does not remove the power struggles, but it certainly helps know who is doing what. Incidentally, the problem of land squabbles among chiefs can also be resolved by publishing the 1958 maps online.

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  1. Can you describe specifically the current role of chiefs in the issuance of mining licenses? It is clear that the chiefs play an important part in the process, but it is unclear how that is effectuated. Thanks.

    Thanks for this blog, by the way. It offers a fantastic view of the pressing issues in Zambia.


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