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Friday, 25 July 2008

NCC Discussion Updates (Political Supervision)

The National Constitution Conference (NCC) has proposed that a new body should be established to register and supervise political parties. Clause 112 (e ) of the Mung'omba Draft Constitution requires the Electoral Commission of Zambia to ensure "the registration and supervision of political parties, including the promotion of operational harmony between and among political parties". If the NCC proposal is accepted, then essentially the ECZ would retain the "registration" aspect, but political supervision would fall to a new body, whose shape and functions is currently undefined. The ECZ suffers from funding, and therefore more responsibility for them is just a bad idea. But where is the money for this new body going to come from? And more importantly, how crucial is this new body? Do we really new a body just to get political parties to talk to each other? Perhaps this could be done through the National Assessmbly to cut costs ?

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