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Saturday, 12 July 2008

Quote of the week (Michael Sata)

“.....I would rather go to prison on behalf of the people of Zambia than keep quiet on knowing how much commissioners at NCC are getting....We know from Parliament that NCC was allocated K400 billion.We want to know how it’s being disbursed...when they are spending taxpayers’ money, the taxpayer who can’t afford a bag of mealie meal is entitled to know how they are spending money at NCC. The people of Zambia are paying more for food, fuel and bus fares just to feed the NCC, how can we stop talking?......Mwangala Zaloumis [NCC spokesperson] is very free to seek legal protection. She can’t intimidate me, the colonial government failed to intimidate me......the NCC is a public institution and if it is a public institution, the public has a constitutional right to seek clarification and query some of the things in which, in the public’s opinion are not right. We query government institutions and the presidency, which is the highest office in the land. On what does she want to seek legal protection? The people of Zambia knew how much the Chona commissioners were getting, people knew how much the Mvunga commissioners were getting, people knew how much the Mwanakatwe commissioners were getting and recently the Mung’omba commissioners. So what is the offence for us to know how much commissioners on NCC are getting?...”

Michael Sata [The Post]

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  1. Wow, God bless the man who is talking. I hope it is him talking and not individuals behind him...


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