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Saturday, 30 August 2008

Photo of the week (Maureen Mwanawasa)

Maureen Mwanawasa (former First Lady) lauches a tirade against the kneeling Michael Sata (leader of the Opposition) for attending the presidential body viewing in Chipata (Source: Richie's World).


  1. I sincerely wish to add my voice to the succession talks that have filled our media since the passing away of our Republican President Dr. Levy Mwanawasa.

    Firstly, I want to dispute is that has been propagated by especially traditional leaders and some other organisations. It seems as though this is just an MMD election alone. What is being said is that, 'the MMD must replace Levy with a person of like mind and character.' My question is, why can't our chiefs and everyone else broaden the catchment by also considering the opposition? And why has the MMD kept quiet over such utterances? Would Mulongoti and company kept quiet if the chiefs had rallied behind an opposition candidate?

    Secondly, why should the nation be made to think that the late Mwanawasa's preference of any individual be considered perfect, flawless and infallible? Why should the system of handpicking a successor be immortalised now when it was grossly comdemned under FTJ? Is this a suggestion that any decision made by a deceased person must be deemed right? Why then has this hypocritical clan of Levy loyalists disobeyed Levy on his wish to be buried at Palabana? All those calling on the nation to 'obey and respect' Levy's perceived choice of a successor are doing things with motives and agendas only known to themselves! How come the same people that extended the period of national mourning could not now wait for Levy's burial before they start campaigning. It's only African and morally right to discuss succession after burial. It even amazes much more that the former first lady could not wait for a better time, atleast after so that she could say what she thought to be said. Is she an interested party in the direction the MMD NEC will take? Time will surely tell!

    Thirdly, confusion in the MMD must not be shifted on the nation. Zambians are naturally peaceful despite being too emotional at times. Zambians across the world are united without question. What we see happening in the MMD is as result of the party lacking internal democracy. How can a party of the MMD's magnitude stay for years without a Vice President? Was the entire too scared to raise this issue?

    Lastly, I wish The Post newspaper and other media institutions had toned down on the issue of the MMD succession to avoid influencing the MMD NEC because the media is a big opinion leader. This could definitely hinder an impartial presidential by-election.

    Now, what next that Rupiah Banda has been picked as the MMD candidate for these same elections? I can smell a very interesting race to Plot 1!

    Long live Zambia, the land of the proud and free!

    Percy Mwale,
    Kitwe - Zambia.

  2. It is particularly unfortunate what has happened to the Post.

    It appears they have been caught in a web where business and politics have missed.

    This election may well be the end of the Post. We need to see more competition in the market, and I hope RB or Sata will move swiftly to make the Daily and Times independent.

    The elections will most certainly be interesting.

    I am particularly fascinated by what POLICY proposals Rupiah has in mind. I am sure he'll want to lay down a strong legacy for Zambia. Sata also has the challenge to distinguish himself from Rupiah.

    In general, I expect this to be a friend campaign. Rupiah strikes me as a sort of chap who would be happy to sit down with Sata and iron out the issues without animosity.

  3. Now, what is in store for the Zambian politicians? Some of whom are perenial job seekers.

    Can somebody tell me what Roger Chongwe, Christon Tembo, Dipak Patel, Vernon Mwaanga, Mbita (Derick) Chitala, etc are doing in Zambian politics. I thought they had announced their retirement from politics. Are being taken for a ride because we are a people that forget so easily, and quickly?

    It's a matter of time. We shall get them!


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