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Monday, 18 August 2008

The puzzling world of the new fiscal regime...

A lot has been happening on the mining taxes - whose paid what? how much? has the government backed down? A lot of contradictory stories. Not worry, this fantastic Mine Watch Zambia blog has brought it all together.


  1. soooo... Any word on what will be done with the new revenue ?

  2. The money is being kept in a separate account...a policy is being developed..

    I just hope it is not used to fund a new presidential election which will now take place in the next 90 days...following the President's death today..

  3. Who is develloping it ? Is it discussed publicly ? Why aren't you posting on what to do with the new money ?

  4. Okay...I will post..

    I thought I had that..but actually I haven't...

    A quick review of "lessons" learnt from others will be done....


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