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Saturday, 23 August 2008

Quote of the week (Dipak Patel)

"Politics is a struggle for power. In a democracy, the struggle takes place within a competitive framework regulated by rules, principles, norms and conventions. In much of African politics is personalised and transformed into a means of acquiring personal wealth and power, thus those in power and position of leadership do all they can to keep others out. Hence the struggle between leader resolve itself into one for the price of power and not as a competition for better policies and solutions to the peoples' problems....And this is what we must at all costs avoid in the MMD. Some of the fundamental legacies of President Mwanawasa are the observance of the rule of law, the fight against corruption and empowerment of our citizens. Keeping this in mind, I was shocked to hear from some very senior people in government and the MMD talk about a possibility of amending the Constitution that would allow Vice-President Rupiah Banda to continue as President till 2011. This is not only absurd but dangerous."

Dipak Patel Ex Minister (The Post)

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  1. look whose talking. speak for yourself mr 10% or is it more than that


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