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Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Zambia's Kingmakers?

A friend tells me that these are the men and women whose choice of the next MMD presidential candidate, may significantly constrain your choice for the next President of the Republic of Zambia.

  1. Mr Micheal Mabenga - National Chairman
  2. Mr Kabinga Pande - Vice National Chairman
  3. Mr. Mike Mulongoti - Chairperson Elections
  4. Dr. Katele Kalumba - National Secretary
  5. Mr. Richard Kachingwe - Deputy National Secretary
  6. Mr. Ben Tatemashimba - Chairperson Information
  7. Ms. Vera Tembo Chiluba - National Women Chairperson
  8. Ms. Rose Zimba - Provincial Women Chairperson-Lusaka
  9. Mr. Geofrey Chumbwe - Provincial Chairperson-Lusaka
  10. Mr. Sureh Desail - National Treasurer
  11. Mr. Jazzman Chikwakwa - Vice National Treasurer
  12. Mr.Bwalya S.K Chiti - Chairperson-Legal Affairs
  13. Mr. Lt.Gen Shikapwasha - Chairperson for National Security
  14. Mr. Dr. Kalombo Mwansa - Chairperson for International Relations
  15. Mr.Peter Ng'andu Magande - Chairperson for Finance and Economic Affairs
  16. Mr: Maybin Mubanga - Chairperson for Agriculture and cooperative
  17. Mrs. Gladys Zaloumis Kristafor - Chairperson for Commerce,Trade and Industry
  18. Mr. Andrew Mulenga - Chairperson for Education Research,Secience and Technology
  19. Mr. Bates Namuyanba - Chairperson for Local Govt,Housing and Enviroment Protection
  20. Mr. Dr Brig.Gen Brian Chituwo - Chairperson for Health
  21. Mrs. Witner Mutale Nalumango - Chairperson for Labour and Social
  22. Mr. Kaunda Lembalemba - Chairperson for mining and mineral Development
  23. Mr. Judith K.Kapijimpanga - Chairperson for Lands and Natural Resources
  24. Mr. Patrick Kalifungwa - Chairperson for Tourism
  25. Mr. Stephen Manjata - Chairperson for Art,Culture and Sport
  26. Mr. George Mpombo - Chairperson for Energy
  27. Mr. Patrick Musonda - Chairperson for Youth and Child Development
  28. Mr. Terence Irwin Findley - Chairperson for Copperbelt Province
  29. Ms. Hellen Tembo -Chairperson for Eastern Province
  30. Mr. Griver C.Sikasote - Chairperson for Northern Province
  31. Mr. Bert Mushala - Chairperson for North Western Province
  32. Mr. Daniel Munkombwe - Chairperson for Southern Province
  33. Hon. Rupiah Banda - Trustee
  34. Ms. Grace Njapau - Trustee
  35. Mr. Alex Luhila - Trustee
  36. Ms. Veronica Mtonga - Chairlady for Copperbelt Province
  37. Ms. Caroline Mwanza - Chairlady for Eatern Province
  38. Ms. Mwitwa S. Nkatya - Chairlady for Luapula
But there's another reason why you should know them - these may well be your future cabinet, atleast in an early post electoral phase. As the MMD NEC searches for a candidate to stand against the opposition, prospective candidates will woo MMD NEC members with many promises. Not all of those promises will be about good governance. Many of them will be about personal rewards e.g. cabinet posts, money and other things. Its therefore possible that many from this group of 38 could emerge quite influential post the elections, should the MMD win the Presidential by-elections. You might want to keep that in mind, as you watch the drama unfold.

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