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Monday, 22 September 2008

Chiefs and election fever (2)

Senior Chief Kopa and all Bisa traditional leaders are ling up behind the canditure of MMD Presidential Candidate Rupiah Banda. The vehicles issued by President Levy Mwanawasa appear to have shifted many of the Chiefs attitude towards the MMD, and not just for the Bisa leaders:

Speaking when Mr Banda called at his palace yesterday, the Chief, through a representative, said Bisa speaking people were behind him all the way and assured him of their unflinching support. The chief said he was happy that Mr Banda found time to visit the area.

He praised the Government for providing traditional leaders with car loans which eased their transport blues and for reintroducing the House of Chiefs. He said the people of the area were particularly impressed in the quick manner the Government responded to appeals for extention of the maternity wing at the local rural health centre and calls for provision of more teachers at Kopa New Basic School.

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