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Sunday, 28 September 2008

Chiefs and election fever (3)

ZNBC News are reporting that Senior Chief Ishindi of Zambezi is firmly for RB, citing "continuity" and "leadership":

Senior Chief Ishindi of Zambezi has backed MMD Presidential candidate Rupiah Banda,for the October 30 presidential polls. The Senior Chief said the people in his chiefdom have resolved to support Mr. Banda so that he can continue with the development programmes initiated by President Mwanawasa. The traditional leader said this when Mr. Banda called on him on Friday. Senior Chief Ishindi said Mr. Banda showed maturity and united the nation during the illness and death of President, Mwanawasa. Acting President, Rupiah Banda, commended the chief for his contribution to good governance. Mr Banda said chiefs have contributed alot to peace and security that the country has enjoyed over the years.

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