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Friday, 5 September 2008

Its Banda!

In case you have not yet heard. The MMD presidential candidate will be Rupiah Banda. In the end it was not even close, which perhaps explain Magande's commitment to rally behind RB. Read more here. Now for the main battle between Sata and RB.


  1. Good. Either Banda or Magande would make decent candidates. I hope Magande stays on in the government due to his financial expertise if MMD wins the election.

  2. The loser is always the most important person.

    Replacing Magande before 2011 would be pointless. But that said, I gather questions are now being asked on Magande's sincerity over the Zambian Airways saga...

  3. Can Banda win?

    Does he even have enough support with the base of the MMD,

    Im not talking about the elite here...

    I hope they won't vote for him, it's time for change.

  4. id love to see HH as president, most of my family votes for Sata though.

  5. cf,

    but can HH govern? how many MPs has HH got?

  6. You know that numbers in zambian parlement fluctuate. The president will reach the necessary number through cooptation. If we like it or not that's African politics.

    I pray he might become a Zambian Katumbi. Moise does a terrific job as governor of Katanga.

    But I might even prefer Sata over Banda, although i believe Sata is a mad fool.

    Believe me, the MMD reached it's limits. The people in charge there are the same crocodiles we see ever since the '70 and '80s.

    Why would we even consider a vote for Banda who was part of the highly corrupt Kaunda regime, who got endorsments of the drug dealer Vernon Mwaanga and his corrupt gang.

    It's sad the choice is limited to the few who decided to stay in power since independance. How many chances does one deserve?

    So I opt for the outsider. However, I won't ever live in Zambia again so ... I would be more ready to gamble I guess ...


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