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Saturday, 6 September 2008

Leading the way....

According to the latest Chatham House report, Angola leads the world in one particular area - voter registration:

Voter registration was impressive. In two phases that combined lasted 12 months, over 8 million voters were registered in mobile registration centres set up in each of the country's 18 provinces. The registration was carried out by the CIPE, the Inter-ministerial Commission for the Electoral Process. The logistical operation involved more than 500 brigades coordinated by Provincial Executive Commissions in every province.7 In some remote areas, where communities are not connected by roads, the brigades arrived by helicopter.

Angola today boasts the most advanced electoral roll in Africa, and possibly in the world. The mobile registration teams verified voters’ biographical and biometric fingerprint data, which, along with digital photographs, were printed and encoded on the spot on credit card-size voter cards. This information was then stored on the National Data Centre to centralize the data and prevent any attempted fraud of multiple registrations.

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