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Friday, 19 September 2008

Where the water meets the sky...

It is the first time I have heard about this fantastic documentary. The official website is here. Spread word...and checkout for listings in your area.


  1. "Second Film on Early Marriage Moves Ahead

    "The Samfya Women Filmmakers are currently working on their second film, focusing on early marriage, which is one of the primary factors behind girls’ dropping out of school in their community. Deprived of an education, these girls remain particularly vulnerable and dependent, with almost no means of escaping the cycle of poverty for themselves or their children. Abibata Mahama, one of the Samfya Women Filmmakers’ Project Directors and Trainers featured in Where the Water Meets the Sky, is scheduled to return to the district in July to support the group in completing this film."

    Anyone know if this second film has been completed? I would like to hear more from these budding filmmakers.

  2. I had no idea a second movie was planned.

    I still have not seen the full movie. I better make my order for a copy right away..


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