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Saturday, 13 September 2008

Zambia and the Doing Business 2009 report..

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One of the many charts on SADC comparisons from Doing Business 2009 report . You can read the report to check how Zambia compares on specific strands. By the way, I am still confused by the conclusion in this news report on Zambia's improvement. A reading of last year's report does indeed show Zambia was 116 for 2008, but that was out of 178 countries. This year the report contains 181 countries and appears to suggest that Zambia has only improved by 1 place from 101 for 2008 to 100 for 2009 (possible adjustments to the index somewhere ?). Anyway I am sure someone will explain it for us, in the meantime, its not too difficult to see from the charts below how Zambia improved (whether by 1 or 16 places) :


  1. Key for the new government is the promotion of the professional middle classes. Honest lawyers will defend property and other human rights, police to fight corruption, engineers and surveyors to manage the growing built environment, tourism, health, media, finance and education experts. All these professions need to have strong links to independent and even international associations which govern their members’ professional behaviours. This then brings about a class of society strong enough to stand up to poor government and with an inherent desire to promote business from which it earns its living.

  2. Check out the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre website. It is very well designed and informative. I hope that the Zambia Development Agency website will be like that.

  3. Hi Dave,

    Key for the new government is the promotion of the professional middle classes.

    I agree with that, however, it is even more important to professionalize the huge informal sector, by making the environment for them such that they prefer to become official registered businesses.

    We should see subsistence farmers go on to become medium size commercial farmers.

    There should also be a use of mining profits into infrastructure and agriculture.


    Thanks for the link, I have added it to my blog.

    Also check out: Modern Ghana.


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