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Sunday, 28 September 2008

Zambia Diaspora E-Conference 2008

2008 launches the Zambian Diaspora’s collective dialogue with home. This years ‘Visioning’ theme explores our collective aspirations for Zambia.

14-24 October 2008 will see the first steps of a visioning process by members of the Zambian diaspora to collect together views on how the Zambian diaspora may participate in Zambia’s national development. This invitation, calls Zambians abroad, with interest in contributing to the development of the diaspora's vision for engaging with government at an institutional level, to participate in this e-conference deliberation. The areas of coverage will be:

- Land and Housing
- Investment and Commerce
- Human Capital
- Culture and Identity

This initiative seeks to consolidate the Zambian diaspora's views on national development priorities as well as provide formal means to communicate and collaborate with government on these priorities. From the government's perspective this conference also acts as a scoping process necessary to inform on the next steps of the Project Diaspora Citizenry being coordinated by the Ministry of Finance and National Planning.

It is expected that outputs from this e-conference will provide initial indications to Government, Zambia Development Agency, International Organization on Migration and other stakeholders on policy requisites for promoting the Diaspora’s involvement in development.

If you are interested in taking part in any of the four thematic groups, grateful if you could forward email address to by 5th October. We have limited places available, so the usual first come first serve approach will apply.

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