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Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Anti Rigging Zambia

A new NGO Anti Rigging Zambia is making some new waves. It has now been formally launched and is already involved in the court case, with hearing set on Friday! I hope they will create a website soon and try and establish their funding sources. A lot of people would be willing to support such private initiatives untainted by government interference. I have always said, whether its knowledge creation or upholding of the rule of law, such things will not come until Zambians take private initiatives to make them happen. We are already seeing the growth in independent media, the next step is creation of independent think tanks and strong proactive groups such Anti Rigging Zambia.

Anti Rigging Zambia Launched (ZNBC News) : The Anti-Rigging Zambia Limited says it is determined to ensure that Zambia remains a beacon of hope, progress and stability on the African continent.

Anti Rigging Zambia Chairman, Willie Mubanga, says this is important to maintain the flow of both local and foreign investments into the country.

Mr. Mubanga was speaking in Lusaka on Wednesday during the official launch of the Anti-Rigging Zambia Limited.

He said there is need for the electorate to be vigilant and remain alert to avoid fraud before and during and after the forthcoming presidential poll.

Mr. Mubanga said vote rigging has disastrous consequences, which may impact negatively on the stability and social order of the country.

And Anti-Rigging Zambia Director Legal, Kelvin Bwalya, observed that electoral fraud in some African countries has given birth to governments of national unity.

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