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Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Chiefs and election fever (5)

It took a while, but the Opposition has now picked up on the point I made at the start of this thread on 'chiefs and election fever'. The point was that the current Republican Constitution (and other separate legislation - see the Traditional Authorities - Part 2: Chiefs and the Law in independent Zambia - does not allow chiefs to be partisan). What is interesting in this case is that the Chiefs are coming out in support of the government. You would have thought the Justice Minister and the Attorney General would by now have intervened to spell out clearly that such behaviour is contrary to the Laws of Zambia. It will be interesting to see whether the new Anti Rigging Zambia and others pick up this issue as a potenatial violation of the electoral code, and seek to bring the matter up in the court of law.

In the meantime Rupiah Banda continues to rally more chiefs to his cause:

More chiefs support RB (ZNBC News) : Ten Chiefs in Solwezi district have declared their support for MMD presidential candidate Rupiah Banda in the October 30 presidential election.

The Chiefs believe Mr. Banda is the right person to continue the vision and plans that the late president Levy Mwanawasa left.The traditional leaders made the resolution in a declaration they signed and made available to ZNBC News in Kitwe.

The Chiefs are Senior Chief Mujimanzovu, Senior Chief Kalilele, Senior Chief Musele, Chief Musaka and Chief Chikola.Others are Chiefs Mumena, Mulonga, Matebo, Makumbi and Chief Kapijimpanga.

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