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Saturday, 18 October 2008

Photo of the week (Michael Sata)

This week's images from the Pf presidential campaign trail, that shows that democracy is alive and well. Images to rival any from the USA presidential campaign. For one thing, I have not seen Obama or McCain getting down to the beat!

Chalabesa village in Mpika (The Post)
Mpulungu Rally (The Post)

Kapiri Mponshi Rally (The Post)


  1. i've been with sata on tours before and it is not strange for him to get into the mix like in the first picture. once i accompanied him to chanyanya in kafue and at meal time, he washed his hands in the same dish where ecerybody had washed. i've seen others carry "take away" food on such trips.

  2. In Zambian politics, grassroots is where it's at. Having lost the last round at the grassroots level, Sata leaving no stone unturned this time around.

    However, contrary to your suggestion that the pictures illustrate democracy is alive and well, it is at that very level that democracy is usually undermined. For it is at the grassroots level that 'shake shake and chitenge politics' flourish.

  3. Zedian,


    I guess I was using democracy loosely there...after all as a process...much depends on whether the people's will be reflect in the outcome...


    You once told a story about a funeral or something like, where someone brought their own food? A politician I recall...

    I couldn't find that blog entry..



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