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Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Election eve chatter (2)

A shocking article from the Financial Times. Well may be I shouldn't be so shocked, but its incredible that headline can only be matched to a quote by Saasa. Don't get me wrong, may the investors are rattled, but where is the evidence? Saasa's quote?


  1. And it's garbage, of course. All commodities that are trading in dollars have taken a nosedive, to match the rising strength of the dollar.

    Besides, the FT is a British publication, and mainstream British publications have amply proven that they cannot be trusted when it involves reporting on Africa, especially if they or their financial backers have economic interests there.

    This article is extremely partisan. They have no proof that the prosect of a Sata win has 'rattled financial markets'. And yet they make the claim, on the eve of Zambia's elections.

  2. Mr.K,
    What do expect in view of an irational leader who is recklessly sending salvos on investors? Don't overlook restrospects in your argument.The more money in the pocket and 25% forced Zambians ownership in every business within 90 day is hogwash.Idi Amin and Mugabe tried it and posterity has never spared them.

  3. I hope Sata or Hichilema will win.

    17 years of the MMD in government is enough.

  4. Of course it has rattled financial markets. Two weeks ago the Kwacha was trading 6000 to the pound. Yesterday it was 9000 to a pound. Sata expects all foreign investors to surrender 25% of their investments to Zambians. 2 Within 7days of coming to power he expects Sun International to increase the salaries of Zambian workers or they risk being booted out. If money men wont be rattled by this nonsense I dont know what will...

  5. Some comments make sad reading.Seems some people rely much on what is in the media.take time to listen to what sata says at his rallies.i think a zambian sitted in some cozy office wud know what it is to work with some of the so called investor.


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