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Monday, 6 October 2008

Electoral fraud..

Justice Mumba wants to know how this election could be rigged, when she has tried to be transparent :

“There is no possibility that ballot papers would be pre-marked. When people talk about rigging we would like to know what they really mean and at what process this would occur,’’
Okay, if no one else will have a go, let me try. The statement illustrates the deep misunderstanding many people have about rigging in elections. Votes are generally not rigged, what is rigged is the electoral process. To put it differently, the rigging does not occur during voting, but prior to voting. The rigging party tries to control not only who registers to vote, but who can physically get there. Except of course in exceptional circumstances, like our neighbours to the south, where if that does not work, then clearly the solution is to temper with reporting. Ironically, for this election Zambia is following Zimbabwe's lead with posting results outside the polling stations.


  1. First off, I wouldn't trust anything about the reporting about Zimbabwe. If you look at the South African delegation, they were made to change their report after they said they didn't see any illegal activities.

    Also, electoral fraud can also occur after the fact - ballot boxes from specific (opposition) areas can go 'missing'.

  2. I think cases of "missing boxes" are rare. Also it strikes me that is the easiest form of electoral fraud to prevent.


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