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Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Electoral transparency

I mentioned this development in the blog Electoral fraud.., following on from the Zimbabwe precedent :

ECZ to display results (ZNBC) : The Electoral Commission of Zambia says it will display results of the forthcoming presidential election at various polling stations after the counting process is concluded.

ECZ Senior Public Relations officer, Sylvia Bwalya, told ZNBC on Monday that the commission has adopted a system used in Zimbabwe. She said this in order to make the entire election process transparent. Ms. Bwalya said the system will also avoid suspicion of rigging.

She said the ECZ has also allowed representatives of stakeholders to monitor the printing of ballot papers in South Africa to ensure the electoral process is transparent.

And the representatives who are currently in Durban told journalists that they are happy with the exercise. The stakeholders say the gesture by the Electoral Commission of Zambia to allow them to monitor the exercise has dispelled fears of malpractice during the forthcoming election.

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